Of Spies, Traitors and Ballerinas

Citizen of an Idiocracy

[This article of mine, an expansion on my previous post, was printed on The Daily Star]

Last week, sales of George Orwell’s classic ’1984′ jumped more than 9500 percent. Media reports suggest it had a lot to do with the recent leak about the NSA’s mass surveillance programme code-named PRISM. While clocks are yet to strike thirteen, there are strong parallels between recent developments and Orwell’s dystopia of a constantly-monitored citizenry, a state locked in perpetual war and an inner party consisting of two percent of the populace. And thus, ’1984′ may be serving as a proxy narrative that helps people understand what it means to be watched in their own living-rooms.


There is a lot of speculating and groping around for information – perhaps because people have virtually zero intel on PRISM. Think back to all the articles you’ve read or reports you’ve seen. How much…

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